About The Corner Collective
Driven by the creative energy of young people engaged in programming at My Friend’s Place, The Corner Collective is an income-generating enterprise that offers youth experiencing  homelessness an opportunity to build skills, engage in self expression through a variety of mediums,  and earn income through their creative endeavors.

More than just a place for young people to sell artwork, The Corner Collective provides the youth of My Friend’s Place a forum to showcase their talents and artistry. The Corner Collective also serves as a platform for young people to share their voices and perspectives, a gallery where their work can be displayed and appreciated and a means through which youth can develop the self-regard, skills and competencies that will support their journey toward lives of stability and self-sufficiency.

The art, clothing, accessories and homewares sold through The Corner Collective are made by youth in more than 700 creative arts workshops offered each year through the Transformative Education Program at My Friend’s Place. The Transformative Education Program extends the low-barrier, strength-based service philosophy of My Friend’s Place through a variety of workshops and opportunities for youth to experience creative expression, internship opportunities and career exploration in fields as diverse as sewing, music, digital media, creative writing, storytelling, visual arts and photography.  Designed to counter the often negative experiences that youth have had with traditional education and engage youth in re-imagining the power and potential of learning, the Transformative Education Program assists youth in developing marketable skills, practicing positive behaviors, and connecting with resources that support their self-sufficiency and overall wellness.

By purchasing a handmade product from the Corner Collective, you are supporting the success of a young artist on his or her journey toward self-sufficiency, while also ensuring that young people currently experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles can continue to access vital programming at My Friend’s Place that will help them move toward a permanent exit from homelessness.

Eighty percent of each item purchased from the Corner Collective goes directly to the young artist, while the remaining twenty percent supports creative programming for more than 700 young people each year at My Friend’s Place.

About My Friend’s Place
The mission of My Friend’s Place is to assist and inspire homeless youth to build self-sufficient lives. My Friend’s Place began in 1988 as a volunteer-led, mobile meal program that distributed sack lunches to homeless youth in Hollywood.  Today, My Friend’s Place has grown into a dynamic resource center offering robust programming to meet the existing and emerging needs of more than 1,400 young people ages 12 to 25 experiencing homelessness each year, helping them move toward lives of wellness, stability and self-sufficiency.

For more information about My Friend's Place, please visit www.myfriendsplace.org.