Featured Artists




Ela makes music, art and fashion. She wants her art to be open to interpretation so others can see themselves in it. She describes her art as “well damn” and “gut wrenching.” Most of all, her work provides her good coping mechanisms.



Lexi uses her creativity to express feelings. Her artwork comes from focusing on everyday objects and turning them into art. She describes her work as “confident and different” and believes anyone can be creative.


Rebi uses the sewing machine to make art. Her favorite creations are handbags that are influenced by “LA Culture” and have a deluxe feel.  She wants the community to see her creations as distinctive with their own character.



Scottie creates jewelry. Art makes her happy and fulfilled. Making art gives her a sense of purpose in life and she describes her process as organic. She believes what is most important is to “never give up on what it is you truly want.”